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Judicial Review

The directors of LOGS are delighted that in January 2018 the High Court has granted us a Judicial Review to challenge the decision to site the miniature railway on the Menlove Avenue side of Calderstones Park - specifically the impact on the openness of the Calderstones & Woolton Green Wedge. This and the Harthill Judicial Review will be heard at the High Court in Manchester on the 5th and 6th November 2018.

Judicial Review case CO/4301/2017

An application for judicial review has been issued in the High Court to challenge Liverpool City Council (‘the Council’) the granting of planning permission [application 17F/0044]:

“To layout miniature railway comprising railway tracks, train station, 2no containers and erect a clubhouse with associated parking, hardstanding, fencing and landscaping” (‘the Development’).

The location is to be in Calderstones Park (‘the Park’) near the tennis courts. It will therefore reduce the extent of the Park.

LOGS contend that the Council’s planning policy (OE3 of the Liverpool Unitary Development Plan) has been misinterpreted and/or misapplied. This development would be inappropriate and would harm the openness of the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge.

Contrary to the Council’s explicit statement in the officer’s report to committee, LOGS contend that the Council relied upon the need to relocate the miniature railway to facilitate Redrow’s Housing Application as a reason to grant the Planning Permission.


It is understood that the first phase of the Redrow Homes scheme at Harthill is dependent on the successful relocation of the miniature railway from Harthill to a larger area on the Park next to the old tennis courts. This location will then create a new private brownfield site larger than a football pitch on the parkland.

As soon as the miniature railway is relocated then phase one of Redrow's development can start moving in bulldozers to permanently destroy the character of the green space on Harthill & Calderstones parkland. Further phases of the development are planned to follow - on the land currently occupied by Beechley Riding Stables and the horse paddocks.



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